Who am I? I am a medical student l. I grew up dancing and swimming competitively and I am Russian  (yes I am bilingual!)

Why did you start this blog?
 To share what my medical school journey is like and how I balance a healthy life with one of the hardest academic journeys one can take! I wanted to share my travel reviews and tips on how to be able to go on adventures while living on a student budget as well as delicious recipes and anything medically related that I find interesting. I also find medical history FASCINATING, I used to have a daily snapchat “story of the day”, but since STEP and clinicals rolled around it was hard to upkeep – hence the blog!
Can I contact you? Yes! Check out the sidebar for my contact information. I would be happy to answer any questions for you. Email me if you want to work or collaborate with me.


Is your name really Masha? Yes, and no. It is not my legal name, but being from a russian family it is shortened version of my legal name, Maria. For example you can call a William by the name Bill. You call a Maria by the name Masha.

Check out and follow me at http://www.instagram.com/mashamdtobe/ for updates as well as subscribe to the email list on the right side —–>

Home: Who am I? And why in the world am I blogging instead of perfecting my macaroon recipe.
Medicine: MS1/MS2/MS3, study stuff, premed advice, clinic, OR, medical mission trips, funny medical things….you get the picture.
History: Post that make you say “that’s cool” before you realize what you are saying
Life: Trying to find this “balance” everyone keeps talking about, and maybe some tips on how to not screw up, or maybe just screw up less. Also I like working out and pretty clothes, you might like what I have to say too.
Adventure: Posts about my travels, trip reports and the ADVENTURES along the way!



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