I forgot I had a blog in college (freshman year). Completely slipped my mind. My brain does that – takes what should be a vivid memory and eliminates that neuronal map from my brain, so that unless I have a very good reminder of an event I might never remember it.


A few weeks ago I was asked to write a blog post on dating in medical school for a dear friend of mine. I loved writing that post – it was so therapeutic even if I was pretty confident that no soul would read it.

So today after taking CBSE 1 (more on that later),  I was sitting in my car and decompressing, I decided to reboot this blog. I found the website, cringed at my old posts, and deleted a good 3/4 of them. Maybe even all of them in the future. But now I can write about my experiences as a medical student and maybe in the future I can remember the events of these 4 years better and prevent a brain memory dump.


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