Medical School Curriculum

Most U.S. Medical School’s follow the same general curriculum plan: years 1 and 2 in classroom lecture, year 3 six rotations (surgery, internal, family, pediatrics, psychology, obgyn), year 4 more rotations and electives and interviewing for residency!

There have been two schools of learning for years 1 and 2. Some schools use the organ system model in which they cover each organ system in its entirety before moving onto the next organ system. They start with cadavers in anatomy lab, then move onto physiology and pathology. During this time they havemultiple classes going on at the same time. Biochemistry and Histology as well as their current organ system. This makes it difficult because you may have 2-3 different exams in on week on different subjects. This structure resembles University.

The second school of though is a block based approach and is the system my medical school uses. We started with 10 weeks of Anatomy Lab and covered structure from the tip of your nose to the end of your toes (literally). Then we moved onto Biochem/Histology, Physiology, and Host Defense (Microbiology/Immunology) to finish off MS1 year. MS2 year was Heme/Onc, Neuro/Psych, Systems Disorders 1 and Systems Disorders 2 (both of which where abnormal pathology).

Have any questions? Comment below and I’ll answer them!

IMG_3322.JPGSome of my “go to” books during MS1/MS2 year.



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