What Biology classes should I take to prepare for the MCAT?

Recently I was asked the questions “What Biology classes should I take to prepare for the MCAT”

According to the AAMC you need a minimum of:

One year of biology
One year of physics
One year of English
Two years of chemistry (through organic chemistry)

Not all medical schools are the same though, check out here for the exact pre-reqs:

FullSizeRender-1You can also work in a fly lab or other research lab like I did!
(Photo taken through a microscope with an iphone)
The females have a clear end, while the males have a darker end.

Once you have your pre-reqs completed I would buy a MCAT prep book, or ask an upperclassmen for one of their old ones and go over the biology sections there. And then focus on MCAT style questions, that is the best way to get biology focused MCAT prep in. Questions, questions, questions! Comment below if you have any questions!

Cover image is a free image from Pixel.com


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