Free Pharmacology Flash Cards!

Free pharm flash cards based off of FA 2017: Cover photo is a free photo from


10 ways to save in Rome!

Rome can be CRAZY expensive or it can be affordable to someone who lives off student loans - like ME! 1. Check out all the options for accommodations. I ended up booking with Airbnb, you can use this link: to be able to save $40 on your first booking through Airbnb! Hostels, many have private rooms … Continue reading 10 ways to save in Rome!

Hayflick Limit

Hayflick and Moorehead in 1961 observed that non-transformed, embryonic human fibroblasts would only go through a set number of divisions before they arrested growth irreversibly. This is called replicative senescence. This concept has become an interesting phenomena for the fields of aging science and cancer science. This is because long living species have more cumulative … Continue reading Hayflick Limit