The Terror-Dactyl

My beau saw this thrill seeking adventure on a Facebook commercial – so of course we had to try it. I have acrophobia ever since my dear loving sisters dangled me over the edge of the Grand Canyon when I was 6 – such love. Anyways, he said that if I did the Terror-Dactyl with him that I would get a free pass on any tall roller coaster in the future.

The Terror – Dactyl consists of a seat with straps that sends you free falling off of a 200 foot cliff of Williams Canyon in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. As you swing from one side of the canyon to the other. Other than the initial drop the worst part is when you are hoisted slowly back up with the entire seat wobbling and 200 feet of canyon below your toes. My body shook for a good 10 minutes afterward. TIP: get there EARLY in the day on the weekend, wait times up to an hour!


Terror – Dactyl lived up to it’s name – it is definitely TERRIFYING!

(Header image from


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