Memory trick for Collagen Synthesis

Collagen Synthesis or do you mean “Challah Synthesis and Share”? This is one topic that just keeps giving me trouble, and there were random mnemonics here and there but nothing that helped me solidify the steps. Here is my story, approved by my very good Jewish friend Alexandra. Hate it? Forget it. Love it – use it!


“Challah Synthesis and Share”

So inside your RER home, you invite some (1) guests (glycine), you’re a good host so you give them water + lemon (water for hydroxylation step (2) and lemon to remind you that this step require vitamin C. Then to make a better bond (hydrogen and disulfide) with your guests you give them sweet bread (challah). For step (3) glycosylatation and the challah is made from 3 pieces of dough, for the 3 collagen alpha chains that you combine into a triple helix here (looks like challah doesn’t it?). Then you’re guests leave your RER home with challah (step 4 exocytosis) wrapped in paper but the challah is long so the either end of the bread is exposed to the elements. Your guests are outside and it starts to RAIN! So the soggy ends of the challah need to be cleaved leaving an insoluble tropocollagen (step 5 proteolytic processing) (insoluble because it didn’t get wet, and because this person is a TROOPER for walking in the pouring rain with challah, also because its Shabbat and you can’t drive). The person finally arrives at the Synagogue where everyone is putting their challah into a copper platter (previously cleaned with lysol) so that you have a mountain of challah and link hands in carb happiness. (step 6 cross linking) by lysil oxidase (lysol) requiring copper (platter) as a cofactor.


Image from First Aid for Step One 2014, it belongs to the First Aid company, I don’t own it.




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