Memory Trick for B Vitamins

I am sure by this point you would have heard of Sketchy and of Picmonic. One of my classmates should consider working for either of those two companies because he creates such images on his own! Here is Joshua Chang’s memory trick for B vitamins!

B vitamins

They R Nice Pants Pyrhaps Buy For Ball = Thiamine Riboflavin Niacin Pantothenic Pyroxidine Biotin Folate Cobalmin

my Denims Are Baller Enough = Dermatitis Adrenal insuff Balding Enteritis

Boxes = decarboxylase enzymes, Eating meat and bread and getting fat = FA synthesis, AA and glu metabolism, assoc w/raw eggs, balding, enteritis, dermatitis/denim

Such good Flavor = Succinate DH, Flavins
Cracking sides of mouth, conjunctiva angiogenesis

Sit on tarp = depend on B2 and B6
Necklace, hypnotized guy with tongue out = dermatitis along the neck, dementia, glossitis
Triple fan to side = tryptophan

Building a thing and happy sign = synthesis of heme, neurotransmitters
Seize them, guy on floor, guy with leg wrapped = seizure, sideroblastic anemia, peripheral neuropathy
Assoc w/ Isoniazid lone ranger, OCP pregnant lady eating a thing

Found in veggies, large reserve in liver/truck at back
Hexagon rug + dna chair = involved in nitrogen bases for nucleic acids
Broke back mountain = homocysteine elevated
Kid stick out tongue throwing firecrackers = glossitis, megaloblastic anemia
Assoc w/ phenytoin [tow guy], MTX [meat sticks, I guess], sulfa [egging]

Found in meat, small reserve in liver/back
MMA = methylmalonic acid [and just remember that sweaty naked men wrestling is sorta homoerotic and you know homocysteine is also elevated]
Firecrackers, kid losing balance = megaloblastic anemia, neuro symptoms [ataxia, paresthesia, the other one]
Assoc w/ crohns [crone buying stuff]

Drawing and descriptions by Joshua Chang, posted with his permission.
Header image:


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