Residency Sorting Hat

“What kind of doctor do you want to be?” the conversation typically goes like this.

Friendly Face: “What kind of doctor do you want to be?”
Me: “Well, I usually have a specialty flavor of the month, this month it is obgyn, last month it was pain medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation. I really like emergency medicine, but the residency questionnaire said ortho would fit my personality the best.  I LOVED to saw during anatomy  – my tank mates nicknamed me hacksaw because I liked it and I was good at using a bone saw. I also like the pediatric population, so maybe peds or neonatology, but my background in dance science/kinesiology has had sports medicine in the back of my head since day one, so really I do not know. A lot of it depends on my STEP 1 score, do you know what that is?”
Friendly Face (that lost interest after the first sentence): “Oh, um I’m sure whatever you choose you’ll be great at!”
Me: “Well I can only choose so much, the sorting hat, by which I mean THE MATCH helps pick for you.”
Friendly and now confused face: “The sorting hat?”

ZDoggMD, of which I have had the honor of seeing live in person TWICE, recently came out with a hilarious and scarily accurate representation of how THE MATCH works. Link is below if you want a chuckle:


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