Practice what you Preach


The first two years of medical school we spend sedentary, because we are studying NON STOP. We cannot cut out the amount of time we spend studying but there are ways to modify our days to stay healthy. I schedule in exercise every day through attendance of a workout class. and I do not allow myself to skip the class unless I am either sick or have a mandatory medical school activity scheduled during that time.

We as future physicians have to prioritize our health as well, because if we are not healthy how can we expect our patients to prioritize their health as well? Practice what you preach.

On days where I seem to be behind a book all day I head down to my apartment’s little gym and walk on the treadmill 3.0-4.0  at a 15 incline for an hour and watch DIT videos or Sketchy videos. I am burning calories and learning, and since the rest of my body is distracted by walking my brain does not get a chance to daydream while watching the videos. I stay focused and healthy!


Title image: Free image from
Treadmill image: My own!


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