What to wear during Clinicals

Dressing for the clinic as a female med student can be difficult. You have to be comfortable in your business casual (no jeans!) for your 8-10 hr days when you are constantly on your fScreen Shot 2017-05-06 at 2.20.08 PMeet going back and forth between clinic rooms and the back room with all the computers so you can write your notes. You have to be modest because as a female future physician you will always be held to a higher standard. I stick to these rules: no boobs, no full knees, calm down the makeup and no party heels. You are not there to show off your newest weekend outfit, you are there to help diagnose and treat sick patients, and trust me they do not care about your perfect but excessive use of bronzer.

I love clinic attire. It allows me to wear cute outfits and channel my inner Kate Middleton, and I am currently obsessed with ankle pants – perfect for clinic. My white coats are made out of polyester and cause me to sweat and flush. Part of the reason is beScreen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.45.21 PMcause in clinic you are constantly being pimped by your attending and when I get answers wrong I tend to flush out of embarrassment. Since pimping always goes on until you get an answer wrong – THAT IS A LOT OF NERVOUS SWEATING in one day! So I tend to stick with sleeveless or short sleeve professional blouses to help cool me off during the day. I tend to wear more pants than skirts because of one of my rules (no full knees), skirts tend to ride up when you move and it is so hard to find cute longer skirts that don’t hug your butt too much. One day when I am a clinician and have clinic I will try and wear cute heels, but for now I do not want to draw excess attention and criticism from the attending to myself and will stick with flats. Also how embarrassing would it be if you trip while walking! LScreen Shot 2017-05-07 at 1.16.56 PMast but not least – makeup and hair. Ladies, there is no need for excess makeup in the clinic you are beautiful without the need for the concealer, the bronzer, the liner, the powder, the highlighter…the whatever is the new fad these days. Clean and elegant is the mindset. Neutral colors and some mascara and lip balm are great, also skip the hair teasing and excessive up do’s  – sleep in the extra 30 minutes.

And always no rips, no stains, and no excessive fashion statements. I have compiled a few clinic appropriate outfits using polyvore throughout this post!

Cover image is free image thanks to pexel.com




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