Links I Love [05.08.2017]


  • I have recently signed up for internal medicine research updates every Friday through The Scope, click the link to sign up and read their recent research updates.
  • Did you you know that you shouldn’t give aspiring to children for a viral infection? It can cause Reye’s Syndrome which causes liver and brain damage. The only time you can give aspirin to children is if they have Kawasaki Disease, a medium vessel vasculitis.

blog love

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere has this excellent post on her anti-aging regimen. I am a huge proponent of sunscreen, but I could definitely implement some more of her tips!
  • I have been wanting to expand my closet to include more linen items and this blogger has definitely inspired me!


  • This backpack is adorable! And great if you want to have a stylish accessory for your pre-clinical years.
  • I’m on a clothing ban before STEP 1, but this baby blue romper is so cute. But I already have a black romper that I love, so I’ll put this one on hold.

ask me anything

  • What is your go to study clothing item?
    • I get COLD. So I have to always bring a sweatshirt or jacket wherever I got study. I have several, but my favorite is a sweater jacket from the Alaska Disney Cruise Line Series.
  • What hair products do you use to style your hair?
  • Do you get paid to advertise certain brands?
    • No I don’t, not yet at least. And I will ALWAYS disclose if my review is paid.

life outside of school

  • My beau is studying for his Law school finals, it is always SO NICE to have someone to study with. Even though we tend to sit in silence for hours at a time.
  • I finally posted about this blog on Facebook and the number of views have skyrocketed – thank you for ALL THE LOVE
  • I will be moving apartments, so that is stressful because I currently have nowhere to live for third year. BUT that means I get to minimize the items I don’t need and I can decorate a new place!

    Cover image is a free image from


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