Streptococcus bovis bacteremia and colon cancer

Did you know? That if a patient has Streptococcus bovis in their blood it is customary to screen them for colon cancer? The bacteria looks kinda pretty in this photo from Cancer Therapy Advisor. 

strep bovis

Microbiology is one of my favorite topics! Previously scientists stated that 100 trillion bacteria reside in/on our bodies but that 1970s study took fecal samples and multiplied their bacterial content by 1000 – they assumed the GI tract contained an equal amount of bacteria in all areas but a recent study in the journal bioRxiv  demonstrated that microbes are NOT evenly spread out through the GI canal. So maybe our human cells are not outnumbered by bacteria, maybe they are closer in quantity than previously thought. Have a flagella happy day!


Flashcard photo is my own, cover photo is a photo.


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