Pursuing a Master’s in Medical Science before Med School, a Q&A.

My fabulous friend, Brittany Cox, was gracious enough to participate inΒ a written interview about Medical School, pursuing a Master's in Medical Science before Medical School and how she has maintained her sanity and loveliness throughout the entire process. She has helped maintain our school's Free Clinic by serving selflessly on Free Clinic Leadership as well … Continue reading Pursuing a Master’s in Medical Science before Med School, a Q&A.

Gift Ideas for Graduating Medical Students

One of my favorite bloggers,Β www.franishtheblog.com, posts list for gift ideas for medical students for all occasions! Check out the list at her site, or down below! With thousands of medical students across the country getting ready to graduate from medical school, I've received several requests for a gift guide...which luckily, I've been thinking about for … Continue reading Gift Ideas for Graduating Medical Students

Placebo Effect

I recently came across a fantastic resource for current developments in medicine. It is a weekly subscription to The Scope, check out one of their short and sweet articles below on the Placebo Effect. Nocebo Just like you feel worse when your friends remind you that you're working Friday night, patients feel worse when they're … Continue reading Placebo Effect

Grey’s Anatomy: Real life?

Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, House...there are countless of "Doctor" TV shows. Now I would hope that any sensible person would realize that these are excessive dramatizations of what happens in the hospital. BUT to clear things up Amanda Kirzner, DO, MPH has written a great article to enlighten everyone about the misconceptions of Hollywood Doctors. http://thedo.osteopathic.org/2014/09/greys-anatomy-vs-real-life-residency/Continue reading Grey’s Anatomy: Real life?