How many wet and dirty diapers? PEDS ROTATION

8 weeks, you felt the length of every day, but compounded it was a blink. This was my schedule: Newborn nursery: Super fun, easy schedule 9-3pm, I did newborn checkups and answered any questions new parents my have as well as educating them on SIDS and how to continue having a healthy baby! PICU: What … Continue reading How many wet and dirty diapers? PEDS ROTATION


A chance to cut – is a chance to heal.

A chance to cut, is a chance to heal. Heal with steal. If in doubt, cut it out. My 8 weeks on Surgery were awesome and awful at the same time. I was able to first assist on every surgery since the hospital I am at does not have residents. Talk about a WORLD of … Continue reading A chance to cut – is a chance to heal.

Placebo Effect

I recently came across a fantastic resource for current developments in medicine. It is a weekly subscription to The Scope, check out one of their short and sweet articles below on the Placebo Effect. Nocebo Just like you feel worse when your friends remind you that you're working Friday night, patients feel worse when they're … Continue reading Placebo Effect

Hayflick Limit

Hayflick and Moorehead in 1961 observed that non-transformed, embryonic human fibroblasts would only go through a set number of divisions before they arrested growth irreversibly. This is called replicative senescence. This concept has become an interesting phenomena for the fields of aging science and cancer science. This is because long living species have more cumulative … Continue reading Hayflick Limit